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In 2013, it was one hundred years ago that the Ghent World Exposition took place. Both the City of Ghent as the University of Ghent initiated several book and digital projects for the occasion. The IPG developed the common digital platform that dealt with the meaning and impact of the World Exposition of 1913.​

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2+2+… = 1913?

The project was the fruit of an intensive collaboration between several partners and of the shared ambition to exchange expertise and content in order to offer an integrated history of Ghent 1913 to the public. A digital platform made the bridge between the different initiatives that were undertaken and the many research and digitalizing projects taking place as a result of the publications. The partners of the project shared the vision that with a joint communication and a collective digital platform, the whole is more than the sum of the constitutive parts. 


  • Department of Architecture (UGhent)
  • Department of History (UGhent)
  • Book Tower (UGhent)
  • Zwarte Doos (City Archaeology and City Archive, City of Ghent)
  • Monument Care and Architecture (City of Ghent)
  • vzw Society for History and Archaeology
  • Province of East-Flanders
  • City of Ghent


Gent 1913 was a joint initiative of the above mentioned partners and was financed by UGhent, the City of Ghent and the Province of East-Flanders. The Institute for Public History conceptualized the platform and developed it. Promotors of the UGhent were prof. dr. Pieter Uyttenhove (Architecture department), prof. dr. Christophe Verbruggen (History department), Sylvia Van Peteghem (Book Tower), dr. Wouter Vanacker (History department) and Bruno Notteboom (History department).
Duration: 2013


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